Sweater Peregrina Jimena Joyas del Camino de Santiago

First woman as a pilgrim in the history

Jimena Garcés or Jimena de Asturias can be considered the first pilgrim in history known to date. She was the […]

Pendientes de aro Artesania de Galicia

Loop earrings of A Fonsagrada

They are 925 silver earrings with a filigree piece in the center made in Santiago where small goldsmith workshops continue […]

Receta filloas saladas de entroido

Filloas de Entroido or Galician carnival pancakes

The filloas are are a Galician dish like a thing pancake that is especially typical of Entroido or Carnival. They […]

Orfebreria Sapos de Gallega

Sapos earrings or traditional galician goldsworks

They are called sapos, that means toads, because they have several linked bodies, similar to the animal. They are traditional […]


Cruz Tau del Peregrino

Pendant Tau, the Pilgrim cross, cross of Antón or Franciscan cross. Also known as the cross of the Knights Templar. […]

Pulido del azabache

How to recognize if it is jet black?

Throughout history jet, also called jais or jayet, gagates, lapis tracius, … has been confused with other precious stones or […]

Tronco de azabache en bruto Asturias

What is jet-black?

What is jet-black?   Jet-black, also called jais or jayet, gagates, lapis tracius or succinum nigrum, which is even called […]

Medida de anillos Medidor anillos

Know size or measure of rings

To calculate the size of your ring there are two ways: Find a ring that you wear regularly and measure […]

Mapa guia de viajes

The Calixtino Codex, the first travel guides

The Calixtino Codex kept in the archives of the Cathedral of Santiago is the first issue of the Liber Sancti […]

Catedral Santiago de Compostela

History of the Compostelana Orfebrería

The brotherhood of the silversmiths and the marking of silver in Santiago de Compostela. It seems that in the s. […]

Plateros Ourives Handmade Artesania

Pattern of the goldsmiths: San Eloy or Eligio

On December 1 is San Eloy or, what is the same, San Eligio who is the patron saint of the […]