Pendientes de aro Artesania de Galicia

Loop earrings of A Fonsagrada

They are 925 silver earrings with a filigree piece in the center made in Santiago where small goldsmith workshops continue […]

Receta filloas saladas de entroido

Filloas de Entroido or Galician carnival pancakes

The filloas are are a Galician dish like a thing pancake that is especially typical of Entroido or Carnival. They […]

Orfebreria Sapos de Gallega

Sapos earrings or traditional galician goldsworks

They are called sapos, that means toads, because they have several linked bodies, similar to the animal. They are traditional […]

Cruz Tau del Peregrino

Pendant Tau, the Pilgrim cross, cross of Antón or Franciscan cross. Also known as the cross of the Knights Templar. […]

Pulido del azabache

How to recognize if it is jet black?

Throughout history jet, also called jais or jayet, gagates, lapis tracius, … has been confused with other precious stones or […]

Tronco de azabache en bruto Asturias

What is jet-black?

What is jet-black?   Jet-black, also called jais or jayet, gagates, lapis tracius or succinum nigrum, which is even called […]