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On December 1 is San Eloy or, what is the same, San Eligio who is the patron saint of the goldsmiths. This name comes from the Latin “Eligius” which means the chosen one.

San Eloy patrón ourives

San Eligio was born in France in the year 590. From a young age he proved to have excellent skills as a goldsmith in the workshop where he worked in Limoges. Later he traveled to Paris where he won the trust of King Clotaire II for his excellent works and, because despite working with precious materials, he behaved honestly with the great value of the pieces that had entrusted him.

He dedicated his life to helping slaves and the poor, far from being carried away by the mundane life of the court.

Apología de los Plateros

They named him bishop of Rouen, focusing on proclaiming Christianity and doing good to the needy. He died on December 1 of the year 660.

Obispo de Rouen