What is your way?

In life there are many paths to follow.

When we believe that we have already chosen ours, we suddenly find crossroads that make us rethink who we are and if we are in the right place.

The reality is that our world changes at every step. In the midst of change we need a yes answer. And we went out to look for them.

If you make a pilgrimage, walk or travel, you have an adventure to find your own answers.

Getting out of the routine, out of the comfort zone helps you find your own essence and that of others.

This is the magic.

Magic is in each person who knows how to look, who can find answers within them, who imagine and create their own path. 

That is the purpose of Jewels of the Way:

We are the brand that inspires you to live and remember a feeling, a moment, an experience, to find the Magic of the Way and to be able to take it with you or share it.

An ancient tradition in the XXI century

The team that is part of Joyas del Camino is committed to these values ​​and it is what moves us in our day to day.

We are passionate people of the Camino and Santiago de Compostela. We feel a great responsibility towards its history and culture.

We believe in the value of preserving the ancestral tradition, values ​​and culture, promoting its knowledge and bringing it closer to the 21st century.

A long tradition of jewelry and crafts is linked to this experience that attracts thousands of people from all over the world every year.

Each piece of Jewels of the Path goes beyond being a simple object. It is something with roots, history and meaning.

The guilds have kept alive the trades of this land of symbols. That is why we want to spread and make the best jobs of the artisans of Santiago, Galicia and the Camino reach the world.

And also give the best practical information, advice and get in touch with people who, like you, are looking for their way.

The stories of the Camino

Joyas del Camino y Santiago

At Joyas del Camino we have been knowing stories for more than 10 years.

  • We have helped more than 10,000 pilgrims find travel companions.
  • We have connected almost 30,000 people through our community
  • We have advised where to eat, sleep or what to visit during the Camino and in Santiago.
  • We have helped hundreds of tourists and visitors to carry out a ritual or take the best memory of their visit to Santiago.

There are many types of travel,

but the most important is the one that takes us inside,

to find us.

Joyas del Camino.

A meeting place.

A space for local crafts.

The magic of your trip.

Where do you want to start?