Many ways lead to Santiago, which one leads to you?


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Jewels of the Camino, the space where the path begins to reach your essence

Getting to Santiago de Compostela is your goal.

You seek to live your own experience, your own path, whether walking, by vehicle, as a pilgrim or as a visitor.

As a promise, ritual, gratitude, adventure seeking, as an act of faith ... whatever your reasons for arriving, Jewels of the Road helps you to live, share and remember your journey, the experience from start to finish.


Your way to Santiago

Preparing the trip, organizing the route and making the right decisions is possible when you have useful information, you know the history and tradition about the Camino and Santiago de Compostela and you know the latest news.


The way with others

Finding travel companions and getting more out of the Camino is easier when you participate in a community where you can get in touch with other pilgrims, share your photos and your experience.

To revive

The way of crafts

Discovering ancient symbols with roots, history and meaning typical of the Camino and Santiago is betting on local guilds that have preserved the tradition of the Camino's jewels.


Your pilgrimage experience

Choosing a special memory of your stay on the road is simple when you enter the Berenguela universe, a magical corner next to the Cathedral.

In Joyas del Camino you will find:

Useful guide to the Camino and Santiago

Information, advice, routes, stages ... everything you need to know to make a pilgrimage to Santiago and take advantage of the places and traditions that the Camino offers.

Support and meeting place

You can travel alone or in company, but always meeting good people in our pilgrim community.

Culture and tradition

Symbols, stories, legends, gastronomy and so many details related to the Camino that you must know to live your experience.

Craft and guilds

From Joyas del Camino we support tradition and promote local commerce by supporting the artisan guilds of Compostela.

Shop Online

Wherever you are, you can access the entire universe of handicrafts that are created in the area and experience the symbols of the Camino.

Retail Store

A small corner in Santiago where you can find a special piece that will accompany you on your return trip.

Brief About us / About us

We are a team of people in love with the Camino and Santiago de Compostela. We are committed to preserving tradition, adapting it to the 21st century and transmitting it to any part of the world.

Since 2008 we have been helping pilgrims and visitors by offering useful information, connecting a community of people who are enthusiastic about the Camino and selecting the pieces from Compostela that reflect their symbolism and tradition.

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