Pendant Tau, the Pilgrim cross, cross of Antón or Franciscan cross. Also known as the cross of the Knights Templar.

The Tau is a symbol in many cultures, from Scandinavia to the Egyptians who already used it as amulet.

The Tau cross is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and her ninth tenth Greek, both languages in which the Bible was written.

Tau, cruz del peregrino, cruz de San Antón o cruz franciscana
Tau, cruz del peregrino, cruz de San Antón o cruz franciscana

Christians adopted the Tau because its shape is similar to the cross of Christ, so this symbol has been adopting multiple meanings, but it is especially remarkable its importance in the lives of two Saints:

-St. Francis of Assisi, which adopts the symbol as a signature and personal stamp to express the beatitude of poverty, substantial Franciscan lifestyle element.

-San Antonio Abad, as a symbol of the order of the “hospitalarios” trying to pilgrims from contagious diseases. ” This symbol thanks to this order is very present in the Camino de Santiago and the Tau as Antón cross, known as order testimony Castrojeriz are the ruins of the hospital of St. Antón.

Tau pendant, pilgrim's cross, Saint Anton's cross or Franciscan cross
Tau pendant, pilgrim’s cross, Saint Anton’s cross or Franciscan cross

Tau pendantes handmade with sterling silver and Jet, enamel, wood, … manufactured according to traditional techniques.

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Pilgrim Tau pendant gold
Pilgrim Tau pendant gold