Tronco de azabache en bruto Asturias

What is jet-black?


Jet-black, also called jais or jayet, gagates, lapis tracius or succinum nigrum, which is even called black amber, is a semi-precious stone of black color, soft, light and compact. It can be easily cut and when polished it acquires a deep, velvety black color.

Puliendo Azabache Asturias

It is a very rare type of coal formed in the Jurassic period from woody logs dragged by water and deposited in sediments near the sea in very localized areas such as the coast of Asturias.

Azabache tronco madera

Jet is a carbon composed of pure vitrene since it was formed only from logs, specifically from gymnosperm plants that are those that have seeds but do not have flowers such as firs, pines, cedars, …

With these types of wood, a normal charcoal would be produced, but to become jet, special circumstances had to be given, those that caused oil products to infiltrate through the woody vessels of such plants, through which the sage, salts and water circulate. . In the Lower Jurassic, hydrocarbons were formed in Asturias due to high pressures, temperature and accumulation of plankton. These hydrocarbons created source rocks and permeated both marine animals and plants near the sea. With the logs, the jet was finally formed.

Black jet handmade in Compostelle

As its composition is almost exclusively organic, jet has a high carbon content. These characteristics make it different from other coals and have a higher calorific value than other lignites.

Therefore jet is a fossil from the time of the dinosaurs, formed thanks to very particular circumstances in specific places. It is a rare commodity full of properties that make it unique.

So the pieces made with jet are much more than simple objects, without a doubt they will become Jewels of your Way.