Sweater Peregrina Jimena Joyas del Camino de Santiago

Jimena Garcés or Jimena de Asturias can be considered the first pilgrim in history known to date.

She was the wife of King Alfonso III the Great (King of Asturias) and the mother of 8 children. She visited Compostela for the first time in the year 874 and, together with her husband, they donated a cross covered in gold and precious stones to the cathedral of Santiago.

Later, in the year 899, he made a new trip to Compostela from Asturias on a mule to attend the consecration of the second Compostela basilica.

Taza vintage Peregrina Camino de Santiago
Vintage cup Peregrina Camino de Santiago

Little is known about her, there is no clear information about her origin, family, birth,… appearing only in documents related to her husband and news related to her visit to Compostela, such as in the miniatures of Tumbo A of the cathedral where you can see the representation of the Queen, who appears next to her husband.

In homage to all those anonymous pilgrims, like us and you, and in honor of the first of whom there is evidence, we have designed our pilgrim Jimena, which we hope will also become a Jewel of your Camino. Ultreia!

Pulsera peregrina Jimena Joyas del Camino de Santiago
Pilgrim Jimena Bracelet Joyas del Camino de Santiago

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