Pendientes de aro Artesania de Galicia

They are 925 silver earrings with a filigree piece in the center made in Santiago where small goldsmith workshops continue to work with secular trades that we want to preserve. They have the official seal of quality Artesanía de Galicia and Ourives de Compostela.

Pendientes aros de A Fonsagrada
Aros da Fonsagrada prata dourada
Aros da Fonsagrada plata

Typical ancestral design of A Fonsagrada, a stopping place on the Primitive Way in the province of Lugo, inhabited for 30,000 years, for which there are numerous archaeological sites such as the mámoas, a Neolithic dolmen and numerous castreño settlements. There are also famous architectural monuments: the Church of Santa María de A Fonsagrada, the castro and the sauna of Castañoso, the chapels and churches, the remains of the tower of the Counts of Altamira and the Montouto hospital.

Comarca A Fonsagrada Lugo
Comarca A Fonsagrada Lugo

The origin of hoop earrings dates back to 2000-2500 BC. on the African continent, as you can see in the following image, which are hoop earrings from the 4-5th century BC, from the Pasagardae region in Iran, which we saw in the British Museum.

This type of adornment is shared by a large number of cultures: Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Celts,... where both men and women used it. In the S. In the 17th century there is a change in fashion and men stop wearing too many adornments and women put aside a bit of jewelry in their ears to wear complicated hairstyles and other types of adornments.

Although at the beginning of the s. XX the earrings were more widespread among African and Latin women, with the discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922 in which they are matched with the values ​​of power and social status, this type of jewelry is used again mostly. And they will not leave us again since in the 30s, fashion with short hair made them popular, in the 60s they were present with the aesthetics of straight and long hair, the 70s they wore chrome or with tribal decorations, in the 80s they were big with eclectic designs and in the 90s and 2000s, very present for Latin music and hip hop.

Pendientes aro antiguos

Why hoop earrings?

This type of jewel is one of the oldest, it does not go out of style and it is always a trend.

From a very young age, it is typical to give girls hoop earrings, or inherit them from mothers or grandmothers to daughters or sons, since boys have used this adornment in different sizes and different uses such as piercings since ancient times. So the territory of the earrings is general, ideal for men and women.

The circular design means the totality, the infinite, that which has no end. At certain times they were used by ethnic minorities as a symbol of empowerment, of strength.

The A Fonsagrada ring also has an added meaning in that it is usually given to pregnant women. It is also an earring related to our Galician folklore, with the culture of Galicia and the Camino de Santiago.

The rings are made in silver and gilt silver, although they can be made in gold. There are two sizes, choose yours and carry a small piece of history with you. With this article you contribute to maintaining local crafts that are centuries old. Local trade, sustainable and conscious purchase.

Special jewels of your way that will not go out of style.

Pendientes Aros de A Fonsagrada