Receta filloas saladas de entroido

The filloas are are a Galician dish like a thing pancake that is especially typical of Entroido or Carnival. They can be eaten for dessert with cream, honey, etc. or eat them accompanying the famous Galician stew typical of the February-March season that has different types of meat and other elements such as: veal, chicken, pork shoulder, pork leg or even its whole head or cap, chorizo, chickpeas, cabbage or exquisite turnip tops.  Write down the recipe, it's great.


1/2 kg of flour

6 eggs

2l of water (part can be cooked broth)

1 splash of milk

Pinch of salt (to taste)

A piece of salted bacon to grease the pan.

Mix all the ingredients and let stand. Grease a flat edged skillet with the bacon. Pour a saucepan for each pancake (pay attention to the right amount so that they are not too thick).

When the pancake starts to pull away from the edge, it's time to flip it. Another little while and that's it, you already have the pancake.

It is important to control the temperature of the pan so that it does not cook too much in the center and not too much on the sides, in this case, cool the pan off the heat for a moment.


As Álvaro Cunqueiro said in his book “A Cociña Galega” from 1973: “For Tuesday lardeiro, apart from pancakes, fanse frores and orellas, with fariña dough, eggs and leite”.

You can see the complete book at the following link: Galician cuisine – Álvaro Cunqueiro

A Cociña Galega Alvaro Cunqueiro
A Cociña Galega Alvaro Cunqueiro